Diamond Color
Colorless versus Near Colorless: Is there an obvious difference?
Yes—in a perfect world, it would be so awesome to buy a diamond in the colorless range (D, E, F)....
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Diamond Clarity
Don’t Fear the SI’s
Before we get into it, lets quickly recap the definition of clarity. When a diamond forms in nature, it slowly...
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diamond carat weight
Size Matters—Don’t look at me, that’s what they said!
It’s no secret that most people appreciate size, especially when it comes to a diamond (we still don’t know why)....
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Diamond 101: Overview of the 4 C’s
Starting the diamond engagement ring process can seem a bit overwhelming and a little frightening to say the least, but...
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Wedding Bands
Think Ahead: "Wedding Band Friendly" a Must
When shopping for an engagement ring, the general focus is on just that— the engagement ring—rightly so! Although the wedding...
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