Diamond Cursive Name Necklace
From $1,250
Up close and personal, the diamond cursive name necklace is the ultimate gift for a loved one.
Gold Cursive Name Necklace
From $850
The gold cursive name necklace is the perfect personalized gift. This necklace looks great on its own, or stacked wit...
lab grown
Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire Bezel Paper Clip Pendant
From $1,985
An all time favorite, the lab grown diamond solitaire bezel paper clip pendant is a must have! It looks awesome worn ...
lab grown
Lab Grown Diamond Tennis Necklace
From $5,600
A classic, the lab grown diamond tennis necklace is on everyone's wish list, whether they know it or not.
brand new
Paper Clip Gold Link Bracelet
From $260
The paper clip gold link bracelet is that fun, wear-with-anything, perfect everyday bracelet.
best seller
Paper Clip Diamond Necklace
From $2,950
The ultimate stack would not be complete without the paper clip diamond necklace. Total length is 18 inches, but it c...
best seller
Rope Chain Necklace
From $400
On its own or layered with other chains, the rope chain is a fun twist to a classic.
best seller
Figaro Chain Necklace
From $300
An all-time classic, the figaro is the chain you didn't know you needed, but then can't live without!
best seller
Cable Chain Necklace
From $200
For that subtle and everyday look, the cable chain necklace wears many hats.
best seller
Paperclip & Figaro Hybrid Chain Necklace
From $450
Two popular chains turned to one, the paperclip and figaro hybrid chain is the best of both worlds.
best seller
Paperclip Chain Necklace
From $350
One of all time favorites, the paperclip chain necklace is a must have whether it's worn on its own or stacked with s...
best seller
Diamond Letter Initial Pendant
From $650
Simple and personal, the diamond letter initial pendant is the perfect gift for you or a loved one.
best seller
Diamond Choker Bar Pendant
From $595
A fan-favorite, the diamond choker bar pendant is the perfect starter necklace, perfect for everyday wear!
Diamond Curved Pendant
From $875
Subtle and chic, the diamond curved pendant looks great on its own or layered with some friends.
Mini Hamsa Diamond Pendant
From $875
The mini hamsa pendant, although mini, packs a real punch!
Multi Trio Diamond Necklace
From $1,195
Meet the multi trio diamond necklace. You're welcome!
Curved V Diamond Necklace
From $850
To layer or not to layer, the curved V diamond necklace would look great either way. 
Open Heart Diamond Pendant
From $685
Actions speak louder than words. Let the open heart diamond pendant speak for itself.
brand new
Vertical Diamond Baguette Solitaire Pendant
From $350
For the step-cut diamond enthusiast, the vertical diamond baguette solitaire pendant has your name all over it.
best seller
Diamond Four Prong Solitaire Pendant
From $350
Worn on its own or layered, the diamond four prong solitaire pendant is a must have!
best seller
Diamond Bezel Solitaire Pendant
From $495
Subtle and chic, the diamond bezel solitaire pendant is definitely a fan favorite, an absolute everyday wear.
Diamond Intertwined Circle Pendant
From $650
The diamond intertwined circle pendant represents an inseparable bond, a bond that will last a lifetime.