The Gold & Diamond Collection
Diamond Cursive Name Necklace
From $1,250
Up close and personal, the diamond cursive name necklace is the ultimate gift for a loved one.
Gold Cursive Name Necklace
From $850
The gold cursive name necklace is the perfect personalized gift. This necklace looks great on its own, or stacked wit...
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Paperclip Chain Necklace
From $350
One of all time favorites, the paperclip chain necklace is a must have whether it's worn on its own or stacked with s...
Multi Trio Diamond Necklace
From $1,195
Meet the multi trio diamond necklace. You're welcome!
brand new
Paper Clip Diamond & Gold Link Bracelet
From $1,950
What happens when you add some diamond bling to the paper clip bracelet? Ta-da! The paper clip diamond and gold link ...
brand new
Round Shaped Gold Hoops
From $120
A must-have everyday accessory, the round shaped gold hoops adds some extra flare and fire to your already awesome pe...
brand new
Paper Clip Gold Link Bracelet
From $260
The paper clip gold link bracelet is that fun, wear-with-anything, perfect everyday bracelet.
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Paper Clip Diamond Necklace
From $2,950
The ultimate stack would not be complete without the paper clip diamond necklace. Total length is 18 inches, but it c...
brand new
Diamond Square Geometric Earrings
From $850
The diamond square geometric earrings are a fun alternative to the classic diamond studs. 
brand new
Paper Clip Diamond Drop Earrings
From $1,295
The paper clip diamond drop earrings is the talk of the town, the perfect combination of gold and diamonds!
best seller
Rope Chain Necklace
From $400
On its own or layered with other chains, the rope chain is a fun twist to a classic.
best seller
Figaro Chain Necklace
From $300
An all-time classic, the figaro is the chain you didn't know you needed, but then can't live without!
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Five Stone Bezel Drop Earrings
From $875
Perfect for any mood, the five stone bezel drop earrings is your go-to pair for any and every occasion.
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Three Stone Bezel Drop Earrings
From $950
The three-stone bezel drop earrings is the go-to pair for all of life's daily adventures.
best seller
Diamond Solitaire Bezel Bracelet
From $385
The diamond solitaire bezel bracelet is your minimalist must-have accessory!
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Diamond Bezel Five Stone Bracelet
From $985
A must have in every jewelry collection, the diamond bezel five stone bracelet is definitely an everyday accessory.